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A Calendar for Media Companies

Complete Coverage

Eviesays powers community calendars for over 700 newspaper, magazine, radio station, and television station websites with a presence in all 50 states.

Easy Integration

Our cloud-based calendar plugs into your website with one line of asynchronous Javascript, meaning it loads quickly and does not disturb your website. Our responsive design can be customized to make the calendar blend perfectly with your website.

Works with Your Workgroup

Eviesays can work with teams of any size. Your managers can be assigned to individual sites or all of them. New event data is presented to the appropriate group for easy approval, rejection, editing, and exporting. Or when things get busy, simply turn on auto approval and eviesays will screen the events and publish them automatically.

Event Content Management

Automatic Discovery

Eviesays will automatically discover events and venues in your markets and add those to your calendar. We currently have over 1.25 million event venues throughout the country and routinely purge inactive venues.

Clean and Complete Data

Eviesays includes a powerful algorithm to weed out duplicate events and combine data from multiple sources to generate the most complete event data.


Our API can be (and is) used to provide event and venue data for custom solutions, such as mobile apps.

Private Content

By default, event content created by your staff or added through your site will remain exclusive to your calendar. Your calendar can serve all of your sites or you can have a calendar per site. Each one can optionally subscribe to our national database of events for immediate content.

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