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Bob Schneider

Thu, Feb 2, 2017 7:00 pm

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  • Thu, Feb 2, 2017 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Austin-based singer/songwriter/creative force of nature, Bob Schneider, has been the singer and main songwriter on nearly 30 studio albums, and he has been named Musician of the Year six times at the Austin Music Awards. Considering the renowned strength of the music scene in Austin, that’s saying something. His artistry coupled with his movie-star looks and boyish charm makes it a wonder he’s not a household name around the rest of the country the way he is in Austin.

Schneider is recognized for his trademark fusion of eclectic musical styles, innovative compositions, and intricate, emotion-filled lyrics. Schneider croons, drawing listeners in with the promise of romance. Then the energy shifts, the strings swell, and the songs turn seductively tangy and twisted.

He has written some 2,000 songs in the past 16 years, yet Schneider’s artistic exploration is not limited to the stage or the studio - sometimes it’s creating videos to accompany those songs and sometimes it’s making gallery-ready art, including paintings and collages. He is also a celebrated sculptor, painter, and poet with two published books of poetry and art.

He has an almost Dylanesque reputation for keeping things fresh, with shows so different from one another that for years he [has] recorded every show and…[sold] copies for people to purchase right after the show.

“I play a lot of cities twice a year, and I like the fact that a lot of my fans will come see me play every time I come to town, knowing that I’ll be playing material they’ve never seen me perform and might not ever perform again,” Schneider says. “I don’t have any of the banter planned either, so that stuff is usually unique to that night as well. It keeps things fresh for me and allows me to play crowd favorites that I’ve been playing for years,” states Schneider.

419 Main Street
Franlin, TN 37064

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