Feb. 16 Saturday 9 p.m.

Ramona Falls and Social Studies

The High Watt - Nashville, TN
Ramona Falls and Social Studies

Ramona Falls is pretty sure they are fairly close to discovering a way to predict the future.

Don’t believe me? Their first album, Intuit, successfully predicted the past.

The future is an impressive goal for a band from Portland, Oregon. The only problem with Ramona Falls is they like to be specific.

That's the problem with prophecy, the more specific it is, the less likely it is to be believed. The more general it is, the more useless it becomes. Ramona Falls likes to be specific.

For instance, if Prophet One told you when you die your head would become twice its normal size and sparkle like a giant purple bowling ball you might not believe Prophet One

and if Prophet Two said "You'll experience much joy and much pain before you die," you would believe him but find his information quite useless.

If later, your head is pinched off in a industrial accident in a glitter factory, then Prophet One becomes suddenly a lot more credible.

Ramona Falls isn't afraid to tell you through its music that you might die in a rhinoceros goring while wearing a hello kitty t-shirt ironically.

Ramona Falls isn't afraid to make you deathly afraid of hello kitty t-shirts.

Like a bed with 700 sheets on it, each song of Ramona Falls is a prediction with 700 layers to it. If you begin kicking the sheets off in

the middle of the night it will take you so long you will begin to question the very motives of your dreams.

You don't want to be caught sleeping while Ramona Falls is predicting that the steamroller will become the most popular car of the future.

Slow power will be very popular. People will erect keyboards and coffee pots on pine shelving about their steamrollers. Because you will be able to be accessed at any time, the slower you are the more distinct advantage you will have.

If someone car jacks you, they will simply push you off your steamroller and you can watch them trying to escape for several minutes. Then you catch up and push them off. It will be great fun.

A favorite pastime will be writing a note or a story and then smashing it into the pavement. So you will simply travel on top of words to wherever you want to go. Highways will be stories.

If you don’t know what to do with yourself you can simply cut a square from the top layer of the road, ask a question and follow the suggestion below.

Ramona Falls is getting a head start by playing you the music people will listen to on their steamrollers. The music of layers. They are pretty sure they are on the bleeding edge of this development.

Ramona Falls is your future already predicted in the past. Ramona Falls is a fortune with a cookie on the inside. You don’t have to crack anything open,

you don’t have to eat a bad meal to get there.

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The High Watt
1 Cannery Row
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