Feb. 15 Friday 5 p.m.

Wintour 2013 hosted by Jennifer 'Jenncity' Arroyo (ex-Kittie)

Exit/In - Nashville, TN
Wintour 2013 hosted by Jennifer 'Jenncity' Arroyo (ex-Kittie)

Exposed Music Festival featuring: Ionia, Saint Diablo, Travis Copeland, JumpStart Your Heart, Ten Foot Grave, The Holiness Movement, Transcend the Fallen, Spacetrain, Stigmatic, Froskull, Trinity Avenue, Doom Factor, and STACK.

Over the last three years, EXPOSED Festival along with Stand and Deliver Records has produced WinTour which has featured, debuted, and unified local acts in cities coast to coast. This festival-style tour has exposed more than 1000 unsigned bands through 100 shows to more than 30,000 fans across the country in just 3 tours!

Phone: 615-321-3340



2208 Elliston Place
Nashville, TN 37203


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$$ 10