Jan. 20 Sunday 8 p.m.

The Smoking Flowers : Nashville Sunday Night presented by Lightning 100 & Yuengling

3rd and Lindsley - Nashville, TN
The Smoking Flowers : Nashville Sunday Night presented by Lightning 100 & Yuengling

Though Scott Collins doesn't say that going to Graceland to see Elvis Presley in his coffin influenced his future as a musician, it's hard to believe it didn't have an undeniable effect on his 3-year-old self. For Kim Collins, her future career as a singer/songwriter may have been a bit more predestined. For Kim, who grew up with a mother who was a singer and guitarist in a folk band, The Travelers, in the sixties, it was probably bred in the bone. Kim (vocals/mandolin/accordion/guitar/drums), who had her own rock band, Kim’s Fable, for over 10 years before she and Scott founded The Smoking Flowers, cites influences that range from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles to Gillian Welch. For Scott (vocals/guitar), the answer ultimately comes down to just two words: Neil Young. The two played and toured together for several years in an edgy alt-country band, Pale Blue Dot, before they ever truly wrote their first song together, "Someday." Out of that, the couple says, came The Smoking Flowers, Kim and Scott Collins's East Nashville-based band, a hybrid blend of rock, blues, country, and an American sound Kim calls Southern Gothic folk. The band began with a musical collaboration, while the marriage began at Nashville's iconic music venue, 12th and Porter. Kim was managing there when Scott, visiting his family in Nashville, came in to see about a job for the summer. Feeling an immediate attraction for her future husband, she told him he didn't need to fill out an application, and shortly after that, Scott packed up his life in New York City and moved to Tennessee permanently. Married for 11 years, with two cats and one dog (all rescue animals), both Kim and Scott say that their songwriting stems from personal experience and relationships-with family, friends and the world. Of their collaboration, Scott says that it's innate and intuitive. When it happens, he says, they just let it flow, letting what he calls Kim's "almost-Brian Wilson knack for harmonies" take over. When you listen to The Smoking Flowers, leave any preconceived notions behind, because if you think you're listening to country, they’ll switch to rock. Or they’ll lull you in with a gentle waltz tempo, then come in with vocals that are reminiscent of punk. And the exquisite harmonies will certainly grab you. For this husband-and-wife duo, living together, working together, writing together and playing together unite to form a sound that's distinctly theirs.

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3rd and Lindsley
818 3rd Ave. S.
Nashville, TN 37210


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