Nov. 8 Thursday 4 p.m.


Blue Mark Studios - Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Critique Group is a diverse group of working artists, comprised of painters, photographers, sculptors, and printmakers, who meet quarterly for a critique and lively discussion session. During the meetings, discussions include ideas, works in progress, finished pieces, and inspiration for new works.

These artists are passionate about making art and strive to enhance and expand their work through these critical discussions. Brainstorming within the group helps an artist to step out of their comfort zone and see new possibilities away from the solitude of the studio. Special guests are invited throughout the year to join the group, to gain fresh input and a new point of view.

The Atlanta Critic Group produces two gallery shows a year with all active members of the group participating. A guest artist is invited to exhibit their work with the group and/or to curate the show.

The 2012 fall show curated by Jerry Cullum is titled "Multiple Personalities" and is the assembled work of the members of The Atlanta Critique Group. Participating artists include: Patrick DeAngelis, Jeanne Flint, Mike Jensen,Corlia Potgieter Kock, Katherine Mialkowski, Bryan Seay, Lisa Shinault, John Thurber, Cindy Zarrilli and Tom Zarrilli





Blue Mark Studios
892 Jefferson St.
Atlanta, GA 30318